Kingsford / Master Cut 
KCBS California BBQ Championship
May 9-10, 2008
Modesto, CA

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That's right, this is where the magic happens -- VQ's setup of the WSMs curbside in Modesto.
Photo:  Eric Rainey
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Big Man at work.  We had the greatest spot ever -- shaded by trees until the end of turn-ins.
Photo:  Eric Rainey
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The Inner Sanctum where Magic Flavors were being concocted.
Photo:  Eric Rainey
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First walk of the day:  fourth place chicken.  Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe, is good luck for us.  We need to have that guy show up at every big comp we do.
Photo:  Eric Rainey
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Next call:  second place pork.
Photo:  Shuji Sakai
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Only the first five places were called in each category, so the wait was a real nail-biter.  And damn if we didn't take it all!  Do you see that lady in the orange shirt?  OMG that is Carolyn Wells, one of the founders of KCBS, repping that contest!
Photo:  Shuji Sakai
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Our first stop was to pay respect to our teachers, Brent and Kim Walton of QN4U.  It's a great testament to their instruction that such a new team can do well with the techniques taught in their classes.
Photo:  Pat Brandon
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Well, yeah, there was a certain amount of horsing around with the belt.  It's like nothing we've ever seen up close -- and we get to keep it!
Photos:  Pat Brandon
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You can even fit two Jr. RnQs in it.
Photo:  Pat Brandon
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At the end of the day, this is it -- this is the thing we've built together.
Photo:  Eric Rainey

4th place Chicken  ~  8th place Ribs
2nd place Pork  ~  6th place Brisket
Grand Champions

A massive, heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Don, Lindsey, Big Mike and all the people from SaveMart who worked so hard to make Blues, Brews & BBQ an impeccably organized, first-class event that takes great care of its competitors.



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