Rhythm 'n QUE is available to conduct classes geared to various levels, whether for those wanting to maximize their competition success and bring their game to the next level, or for those looking to become the best backyard BBQ warrior in their neighborhood.  

Have you got a group that's interested?  We're looking to schedule upcoming classes, so contact us for more information on bringing RnQ's expertise to you.

Past events:  

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with 
Eggs by the Bay in Santa Clara, CA to teach a class on 
"Fundamentals of Championship BBQ".  

This class will present the whys and hows of what transforms meat, smoke, spices and sauce into meltingly delicious entries worthy of ribbons and trophies.  Far more than just presenting recipes or formulas, “Fundamentals of Championship BBQ” grounds the home cook firmly in the techniques of competition chicken, ribs, pulled pork and brisket, and goes on to initiate the BBQ enthusiast into the world of KCBS barbecue contests. 

Covered topics will include cooker types and fire management; meat selection and preparation, including food safety in handling and storage; how injections and marinades are used on contest meats; demonstration of cooking methods; developing flavor profile through rubs and sauces; the timelines, organization, and equipment that make a contest different than cooking at home, and contest walkthrough; explanation of KCBS judging processes and scoring; BBQ contest “etiquette”, culture, camaraderie and respect; presenting entries for judging; and tasting of the four competition meats.  The class fee is $345 per person (Early Bird before March 16); class size is limited so early registration is advised.

After a recent demo at Whole Foods, we received the following feedback:
"We Loved "Rhythm and Que"!!! Those Ribs Were The BEST EVER!!! and those recipes are practical and realistic.
Me and my wife have been to a couple rib cook off's, including the Reno National Rib cook off (baby-backs)..
Thanks Again,
Chef Mark McLaughlin C.E.C."





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