Rhythm 'n QUE Wins 1st Place Chicken at
2012 Jack Daniel's World Championship
Invitational Barbecue


The dust has settled on the 2012 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue and all who spent the fourth Saturday in October in The Hollow have made their way home and settled back into their “normal” lives.  For barbeque teams, normal is a word that doesn’t define us very well but that’s okay because normal has very little to do with competition barbeque!

Rhythm ‘n QUE made our fifth consecutive trip to Lynchburg and this year’s trip proved to be something very special.

Every now and then an opportunity to do something unique comes along, and this year we were presented with the opportunity to showcase a unique cooker at The Jack:  The Kamado Rocket.  But we weren’t just going to have this incredible cooker on display at our site, no, we completely reworked our cooking plan so that we could cook each and every one of our competition meats in the two Kamado Rockets we had at the event.  We have to admit that we did have the chance to test cook a few items before we left Phoenix, but the 2012 Jack was the first time we had ever run a full competition schedule on the Kamados, the cookers used there were burned-in for the first time ever on site, and we were very excited with their performance.

As anyone who has ever cooked The Jack knows, the field is loaded with Grand Champion teams from around the world and earning a walk at the awards ceremony is what we all dream about.  Well, this year Rhythm ‘n QUE got the chance to take a very exciting walk after being called for 1st Place in the Chicken category!
Photo:  Tom Duncan

In this picture, you probably already recognize Alexa and Vince.  On the far right is Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller for Jack Daniel’s and standing between Vince and Alexa is Bruce Spangrud, President of Galaxy Outdoor, Inc., the company that manufactures the Kamado Rocket.  Bruce made a bold entrance into the world of competition barbeque by electing to debut the Kamado Rocket at The Jack and sponsor us at the event.  We think the smiles on our faces are all the testimony needed as to just how well his cookers perform.  

The Kamado Rocket is one heck of a great cooker and Rhythm ‘n QUE is honored to have been able to bring home a blue ribbon from The Jack cooking on one.  Thanks for trusting us to make the Kamado Rocket’s arrival into the competition barbeque world a successful one!

We also want to thank Tom & Jennifer Duncan for all that they did to make this trip to The Jack a success.  Tom singlehandedly transported the Kamados to Tennessee and back, Jennifer took on the huge responsibility of running all our competition boxes and they both looked after many other details so that we could focus our attention on competing.

Finally, Rhythm ‘n QUE would like to thank our long time sponsor, Rock’s Bar-B-Que, Home of The Stoker forced draft system.  As always, The Stoker kept our cookers running at rock steady temperatures throughout the weekend and played a vital role in our success at The Jack and at every other event we’ve cooked since 2008.

While it's gratifying to reflect on our accomplishment of a blue-ribbon call at the Jack, the qualifying season for the 2013 Barbecue is already underway, and we'll have to earn our way back to another exciting October weekend in the Hollow.



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