5th Annual Smokin' Fourth of July BBQ Shootout
July 3-4, 2009
Durango, Colorado
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We were more than happy to revisit Durango, Colorado -- it's beautiful, beautiful country there, and it was our first opportunity to defend a Grand Championship as we had won that contest last year.  No pressure, right?
siestamotel.jpg (124397 bytes)
So, a little scene-setting.  There are a lot of great places to stay in Durango, but we like the Siesta Motel and their sense of humor, as well as the warmly attentive owners and their sweet pugs, Gus and Bogey.
siestaclematis.jpg (144736 bytes)
I mean, look at this clematis -- who wouldn't enjoy opening their motel-room door and seeing that in the morning?
oldshed.jpg (98427 bytes)
I just loved the look of this old shed down the street.  I wish I'd gotten some shots of the Animas River that runs through town too, so pretty and fun for kayakers and rafters.
wineandcheese.jpg (133590 bytes) On to the event!  It's held at Buckley Park, with the teams set up on Main Street right alongside.  Friday's highlight was the 2:00 Wine and Cheese hosted by Jim and Adrian of Sweet Peppers.
elkcooker.jpg (136106 bytes)
Here's something I'd been looking forward to since last year --  High Country Cookers has a smoker shaped like an ELK!  It even bugles like an elk too, when unsuspecting passersby step close to admire it.
bearcooker.jpg (123137 bytes)
And of course there has to be a shot of Bear Butt BBQ's grizzly -- and yes, it roars.  You would too if somebody was stuffing chunks of meat in your backside.
lwdmentos.jpg (95249 bytes)
Little Weasel and Dammit had their own version of Independence Day explosions by working the Mentos in bottles of Diet Coke.  I was a little quick on the trigger, those fountains went pretty high!
saturdaycrowds.jpg (111148 bytes)
So many people came out for the event!  There was an estimated 10,000 in attendance, and all the vending teams had lines in front of their booths.
atawards.jpg (78208 bytes)
Rhythm 'n QUE turned in 3rd Ribs, 1st Pork and 1st Brisket to repeat as Grand Champion.  Have we mentioned yet that Durango is one of our favorite places?
fireworks.jpg (59425 bytes)
It's not the Fourth without fireworks, and Durango has one of the best displays we've been to.  Nothing beats wrapping up the day by relaxing in the park, and seeing the beautiful bursts over Durango's historic downtown.
And so our intrepid BBQers haul off down the trail to the next event.  
Jack Watch '09 -- SIX qualifying GCs now and counting!



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