Snowbird Grill On The Hill
June 20-21, 2008
Snowbird, UT

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When we got a chance to sign up for the inaugural Grill on the Hill in Snowbird, UT, we jumped at it. With a venue like Snowbird, what more could you want?! Well, for starters, how about beautiful sunny days topping out at 90 degrees, with the ski runs still open -- we had the surreal experience of skiers clomping in their boots past our cooksite, while we were sweating and sunburned!

This was a small event, only 23 teams due to space limitations, but a very tough field -- there was more than one world champion in attendance, and teams came from as far away as Kansas, Texas and Chicago. We were cooking next to names we've only read about, and I was torn between being a starry-eyed groupie and being terrified that we were going to be roadkill.  Oh, and have I mentioned that we've never cooked at an altitude anywhere near 8,100 feet before?
backview.jpg (173868 bytes)
The cooksites were strung out along a rushing snowmelt creek -- this was the view out the back of our tent.
youarehere.jpg (138365 bytes)
We took the tram up the mountain and as we looked back, instead of marveling at the amazing scenery were were all "Hey! We can see our tent!" like a couple of total rubes.
atthetop.jpg (123055 bytes)
At the top, a marker indicated we were at 11,000 feet, and we took in the vertiginous 360░ view. This was a bit of what we saw.
I would have loved to have gotten more snaps of the setup and teams, but we had to buckle down and get to work. Now since we were the new kids on the block we were all the way down at the ass-end of the row of teams, and I had to run entries a hundred yards UPHILL. Which sucks bad enough on flat ground at sea level, so you can only imagine how oxygen-deprived I was -- I'm pretty sure that I was gawping like a landed trout trying to get air.

I made a special effort to get food shots before they hit the boxes:
ribs.jpg (107166 bytes)
brisket.jpg (63384 bytes)
Oh, and that brisket? Yeah, it took first.  And we took fourth in ribs, fifth in pork, fourth overall.
Remember all those world champions I was so worried about?
*buffs already-glossy nails on shirt, bats eyelashes*



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