4th Annual Viejas Smokin' In The Park
October 17-18, 2008
Alpine, CA

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All photos credit:  Paul Parks Photography

street.jpg (173656 bytes)
Here was the scene on Willows Road in front of Viejas Casino.  The entire street was blocked off, and filled with BBQ teams and vendors, and there were tons of people.
waitingforawards.jpg (187133 bytes)
Another crowd scene collected as we filtered into the stage area, waiting for awards to start.  I keep looking at this photo trying to find Waldo.
bestorganizersever.jpg (220909 bytes)
Also waiting were the Some of Our Favorite Organizers Ever, [L-R] Brian, Nancy and Debbie.  Even dealing with the nightmares of this year's road closure, they made sure we had everything we needed.
trophies.jpg (219749 bytes)
No BBQ event is complete without shiny trophies with various figural depictions of livestock on top of them.
samthecookingguy.jpg (111542 bytes)
Sam the Cooking Guy emceed the proceedings very capably, even giving a brief description of KCBS judging procedures.
brisket.jpg (188693 bytes)
And hey!  We got a trophy with a cow on top!  I might also point out that we were up against two Wagyu briskets that day, that I knew of, both from Lobel's of New York.
Grand.jpg (154166 bytes)
And when it all shook out, we ended up on top by half a point!  That was a very big check.
GrandReserve.jpg (169723 bytes)
With the Reserve Grand Champions, Sug's Shack.

9th place Chicken ~ 8th place Ribs
11th place Pork  ~  1st place Brisket
Grand Champions



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